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Patten Lumbermen's Museum

Patten Lumbermen's Museum Facts

The Patten Lumbermen's Museum was established to document Maine Logging History, by preserving the logging heritage and accomplishments of early inhabitants of the state of Maine.

Over the years, the museum has developed a number of unique logging exhibits. Some exhibits you'll find here include a Lombard Steam hauler, vintage chainsaws, logging sleds, Holt tractors, logging tools, and many antique photographs documenting the visual history of Maine logging.

The original museum building dates to 1963 and is made up of wood salvaged from old log cabins in the area. A total of nine structures house the museum's collections. There are two open tool sheds that cover the larger equipment on display such as sleds, tractors and early logging trucks. The museum also has a replica of an 1820 logging camp as well as a reconstructed saw mill, built from historic plans.